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Now it is impossible to believe a single day without internet. This is why, you need to use a smartphone as if you can use internet boundlessly and they can use internet from anywhere. Wi-Fi is one of the latest technologies which is very important thing and you need to use that technology for establishing internet. Many users use Wi-Fi in their different devices and they can use a single internet connection to multiple devices. You need to use a router if you want to start this service for your area. A router is not very expensive thing. So, you can start process of Wi-Fi zone.
The router is the main tool what you need to use to establish a wireless internet. You can make WLAN in your area. The router cannot do it by itself and you need to install the device with your computer as well as you have to use internal setting. For the device configuration and Wi-Fi setting, it is necessary to know all about the router and control panel of the router. Users can easily know all about those things from the router manual and papers. With reading those materials, you should not start the configuration and setup setting.
After the router installation and the configuration, the router, you need to use setting the device and this is why, you may collect some data like default IP address, username and password for login to the device. If you want to use Wi-Fi, then you have to use a browser. The browser will work as a tool which will use as a tool for login to the router. You have to use the default IP address what is used in the router. You have to use default IP address, username and password step by step. I hope, you have collected all of those things already.
You must buy a popular router which will cover your area of home and office. Linksys is a popular router and it is available into different models. You need to use a browser and on the address field of the browser type the IP address and press Enter button. Linksys router uses the default IP address With the IP address and admin is used for username/password for login to the router. However, the administrator of the router should use all of those things for login to the router. But the user should follow all instruction properly. Do not use admin together on the browser.
The default IP address is important thing and you need to use the IP address for other work. The IP address and other login detail of the router/networking devices can be changed easily. After login to the router, all of the new administrator should change the default data except the IP address and the administrator needs to use the Wizard tool for setup Wi-Fi. The tool does not take much time to setup internet. When you press the wizard tool button, then you have to fill up the form step by step and click on the next button and keep filling up the form. You may get admin on the blog site.
The internal setup of the router will be completed by the router users when he will setup Wi-Fi security. In the option of the Wi-Fi security, the user will get various options which need to enable. The Wi-Fi security will be installed if you enable Wi-Fi encrypted security. In the Wi-Fi encrypted feature, you will get WPA2-PSK. This is the latest and powerful encrypted security. It is very difficult to hack by the hackers. There are some options which you need to use for securing the Wi-Fi. You must use 8 to 13 digits long passwords and the password will be combined password which is made of numbers, letters and symbols included. Change the default SSID network name and this is another important security option for the Wi-Fi. You should read more about your Wi-Fi security.
You can change the default username and password if you like to do so. Otherwise it is no so important thing. If you change the default Username and password, then your router settings remain safe and no one can access the router setting without your permission. If outsider does not come your home, you do not need to change the default username and password.
The IP address can be changed but do not change the IP address until you face any problem with the IP address. The IP address can be changed for the solution of IP address confliction error. Many users think to change the IP address without any reason but do not need to do this. By doing this, they not get any benefit. But for the IP address confliction problem, you have no way to solve the problem.
In a router, there are many types of problem may occur and administrator should know all of those things. That is why, the administrator should read the router manual properly where he will get sufficient information of the troubleshooting information. You can learn everything quickly from the router troubleshooting chapter. But you may not get sufficient information about the IP address confliction problem. IP address confliction problem occurs from the networking devices. When the same IP address is setup in the router and other networking devices, then you need to change the IP addresses from all of the devices for solving IP address confliction problem.
You have to unblock the IP address if the default IP address is blocked by the network or the firewall. In many cases, an antivirus can block the IP address. You have unblocked the IP address from firewall by entering in the device. If the IP address has been blocked by the Network, then you have to setup another IP address from same class and make the IP address running and useful. Now save the IP address and make it useful for using it. Try the same IP address again for login.
You cannot fix any problem until you read the router manual. It is very easy for you to solve the router and Wi-Fi related problem. In a router box, you will get some other papers which also contain main information. YouTube.com is a good source to learn about the router configuration and settings. You can check the router manufacturer site. If you face any problem that you cannot solve it, then you should take the device to the manufacturer or to the vendor. You will enjoy all of the service of the router properly if you read and follow all instruction.